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Purple Glow

Jadein Black

Drag queen extraordinaire all the way from Michigan – of all places! Jadein Black has been on multiple tours around the United States and Canada. She has been performing for over a decade and made top-ten at the prestigious National Entertainer of the Year competition! Her entertainment and hosting abilities are very unique; she knows how to draw audiences in making them wanting more. You can see her on regular tours in New Orleans, LA and Fort Lauderdale, FL. Jadein Black also Hosts and Performs at many universities around the country. Her calendar fills up fast, so make sure you contact her ASAP to host your party, bingo, nightclub event, university, divorce party, or any engagement you would like to make special!

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"I have homework for all of you. Find five people you don't normally talk to. Could be on the street, at the store, or maybe it's someone you haven't called or sent a text to in awhile. And tell them, 'Have a great day!' You never know what people are going through. You could be changing a life or saving a life."

Jadein Black


Drag Queen Extraordinaire!

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